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Are you a KIPP alum looking for free marketing for your business? Would you like to see the KIPP Network support and buy from KIPP alumni business? If so, please submit your business information here in order to be part of the first ever national KIPP Alumni Business Directory!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The KIPP Alumni Business Directory’s aim is to showcase and promote KIPP alumni businesses to the KIPP Network.  

  • No, this will be FREE to all KIPP alumni who have a business across our regions. 

  • All KIPP alumni businesses! 

  • Please follow this link to submit your business information 

  • Yes, please feel free to share the link with other KIPP alumni! The more entries we get, the better we can advocate for allocating funding from our alumni grant towards building out the components for this directory. 

  • The entire KIPP Network, which includes alumni, teachers, staff, parents, community members, and donors! 

  • If you own more than one business, please make one submission for each one individually.  

  • The KIPP Alumni Business Directory will have standard profile for all alumni businesses featured on the webpage being created 

    After submitting your information, we ask each alumnus to reply to the confirmation email with the following pictures
    1. A headshot photo of yourself (please make sure it is a clear photo of yourself, no blurry or overly filtered/saturated pictures) 

    2. Your business logo
    Optional photo of you working, or of your product/service  

  • If you have any ideas, suggestions, or interested in the creation of the business directory, please feel free to email Janeth Rodriguez at jrodriguez@kipp.org.  

  • Please email Janeth Rodriguez at jrodriguez@kipp.org if you have any questions about the directory.