Alumni in Entrepreneurship & Creative Fields

Calling all Entrepreneurs! We are excited to build a community that supports and connects entrepreneurs and creatives.

Alumni Business Directory

Are you a KIPP alum looking for additional marketing for your business? Would you like to see the KIPP Network support and buy from KIPP alumni businesses? If so, please submit your business information here in order to be part of the first ever national KIPP Alumni Business Directory. From October - December, we will be learning more about alumni entrepreneurs and collecting all business details for the directory. We will publicly launch the full directory in early 2021.

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Apply to Lead the Alumni Entrepreneurs Community

The Alumni Entrepreneurs Community is for anyone who owns a business or plans to own a business. On November 20th, we will open an application for leads and co-leads. To lead the community, we are looking for 1-2 alumni who are experienced in running their own business and who have a vision for building connections and support for alumni across regions. All community leads will be paid a stipend.

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Apply to Lead the Alumni Creatives Community

The Alumni Creatives Community is geared towards alumni who are photographers, videographers, models, actors, influencers, writers, animators, and creatives. On November 20th, we will open an application for alumni to lead or co-lead the Alumni Creatives Community. Applicants must submit a vision statement and proposal. All community leads will be paid a stipend.

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NextUp! A Competition for Entrepreneurs

The NextUp competition is an opportunity for alumni to pitch their ideas to investors. The last competition happened at KIPP School Summit in Houston, TX in July 2019. This program is currently on hold due to COVID.

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Frequently Asked Questions for KIPP Alumni Business Directory

  • The KIPP Alumni Business Directory’s aim is to showcase and promote businesses owned by KIP alumni to the KIPP Network.  

  • No, this will be free to all KIPP alumni who have a business across our regions. 

  • The business directory will be open and free to all KIPP alumni across our regions who have a business. 

  • On November 7, 2020, the KIPP Foundation Alumni Impact Team will share a link to a survey form for KIPP alumni to submit information about their business. Please follow this link for submission. 

  • Yes, please feel free to share the link for submission with other KIPP alumni! The more entries we get, the better we can advocate for allocating funding from our alumni grant towards building out the components for this directory. 

  • We hope to have the KIPP Alumni Business Directory up and running by early 2021! 

  • The entire KIPP Network, which includes alumni, teachers, staff, parents, community members, and donors! 

  • The KIPP Alumni Business Directory will be an online listing of information which lists KIPP alumni businesses from across KIPP regions. To be featured in the business directory, you must be a KIPP alum and have a running business.  

    The KIPP Alumni Entrepreneurs will be a community whose aim is to provide alumni, with common interests in the activity of setting up a business or running of businesses, a space to connect and support each other. Any KIPP alum thinking about getting into entrepreneurship or already have experience in entrepreneurship is welcome to join.  

  • If you own more than one business, please make one submission for each one individually.  

  • If you have any ideas, suggestions, or interested in the creation of the business directory, please feel free to email Janeth Rodriguez at jrodriguez@kipp.orgIn order to ensure the success of this business directory, she is open to having conversations with KIPP alumni who have a business and future business directory user to better understand what they would like out of this directory. 

  • Please email Janeth Rodriguez at if you have any questions about the KIPP Alumni Career, Interest, and Affinity Communities.