Celebrate KIPP Teaching Award Winners


The Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching Award, named after Dave Levin and Mike Feinberg’s mentor, recognizes outstanding teachers from the KIPP network. The winning teachers, nominated by their school leaders, were recognized for their leadership in and dedication to improving outcomes for students in educationally underserved communities. Click to watch these excellent teachers getting the recognition they deserve.

  • Adrian Antao
    “As a result of his work, we nearly doubled the number of students taking honors and AP English courses.”
    KIPP NYC College Prep
  • Katie Krishbaum
    “Teachers come to her for her unwavering support.”
    KIPP DC Connect Academy
  • Brittany Labrensz
    “This teacher accomplishes strong results by combining the head and the heart.”
    KIPP Philadelphia Elementary Academy
    KIPP Philadelphia Schools
  • Anthony Lifrieri
    “His energy is contagious.”
    KIPP NYC College Prep
  • Rhonda Roberts
    “Joy permeates her classroom.”
    KIPP Dream Prep
    KIPP Houston Public Schools
  • Spencer Russell
    “This teacher refuses to let his first grade students be defined as anything less than extraordinary.”
    KIPP Legacy Prep School
    KIPP Houston Public Schools
  • Ford Stevens
    “This teacher is that life-changing teacher that parents dream about for their children.”
    KIPP Central City
    KIPP New Orleans Schools
  • Jess Taylor
    “She teachers her scholars that they are capable and worthy of greatness.”
    KIPP McDonogh 15 Primary
    KIPP New Orleans Schools
  • Emily Vogelsong
    “She teaches ten year olds how to build their own underwater robots from scratch!”
    KIPP Academy of Innovation
    KIPP LA Schools
  • Nathan Whitfield
    “This teacher from the Delta proves the possible.”
    KIPP Delta Collegiate High School
    KIPP Delta Public Schools