Lexi Lee-Johnson

My mom has instilled in me a deep belief that participation is the key to building community – that we must be there for each other and love each other in order to better not only ourselves, but the world we live in.

Dr. Michael Lomax

KIPP schools are intensely and unapologetically academic. It gives students the building blocks – math, reading, arts, music, and the higher order thinking skills of analyzing and deconstructing and reconstructing – that prepare students for a wonderful life and future.

Thelma Reed

We started with two buses and two routes. So now we have 19 routes, 29 buses.


That year of applying to schools was one of the hardest times of my life. But there were good moments, too: people or experiences that pushed me into an unexpected place of clarity.

Jondré Pryor

I wanted to make sure black and brown children were able to have the opportunities any other child was afforded.

Stephanie Beltrán

If you love kids and you're passionate about education, you thrive at a place like KIPP.


We are all students in a land of opportunity, and we are all learning to embrace who we are, how we got here, and the beauty of our interwoven struggle.

Diana Nelson

I believe in KIPP as strongly now as I did eight years ago. I believe in the simple resonance of “Work hard. Be nice.” I believe in the mission of following and supporting our students on their journey to and through college.

Barbara Quintero

Our children need teachers who care. Teachers who are going to push them.

Annette Strickland

I was able to make a difference because they were there to give me a chance to make that difference.