KIPP Un Mundo Dual Language Academy

4343 Commerce Street
San Antonio, TX 78237
Type of school: Elementary School
Grades served: K4
Year founded: 2012
Mrs. Nancy Ocasio, School Leader
School phone: 210-824-1905
School fax: 210-485-1393
School email:
Regional Organization: KIPP San Antonio

KIPP Un Mundo is built on the belief that all students, regardless of skin color or language, have a right to a rigorous, meaningful, and culturally relevant educational experience which will equip them with the academic skills and character traits necessary to succeed in the four-year college of their choice. KIPP Un Mundo will build on the strengths of its community to provide all students with real life, culturally relevant experiences.

By teaching students through two languages, students will be empowered to positively influence their diverse local, national and global communities. Through their strengths in literacy and communication in two languages, KIPP Un Mundo students will stand up for their educational and civil rights. Students will be able to command their future while positively impacting the people and places they encounter.

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KIPP is committed to equal treatment for all individuals. KIPP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.
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