KIPP Poder Academy

128 South Audobon Drive
San Antonio, TX 78212
Type of school: Middle School
Grades served: 56
Another grade will be added next year
Year founded: 2015
Mrs. Rachel Cristina Obermeier, School Leader
School phone: 210-888-6513
School fax: 210-888-6515
School email:
Regional Organization: KIPP San Antonio
Results: Results will first appear in the 2016 Report Card, to be published in Spring, 2017.

In Spanish, “poder” means power/strength (noun) and to be able to (verb). “Puede” is one conjugation of poder. “Sí se puede,” a term rooted in the struggle of working-class Latinos, was the rallying cry of the United Farm Worker’s Union in the 1970s. Co-founders Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez adopted the motto in Phoenix, Arizona where they galvanized and inspired farm workers to demand fair wages and better working conditions. Yes, we can start a movement against all odds. Yes, we can stand up against exploitation. Over the years, “Sí se puede” has also been adopted by other civil and labor rights groups involving Latinos around the country.

Likewise, the KIPP Poder community will be inspired and empowered to pursue a life of choice and opportunity. Yes, we can achieve great things through hard work. Yes, we can go to and through college. Yes, we can be agents of transformation within our community and beyond. We can. We will. We are the KIPP Poder Tigers! Our colors are orange and black not only because we are tigers but to pay homage to Princeton University’s motto "In the nation's service and in the service of all nations." Our students each will find ways in which they will give back to their community and the world. With continuous growth and reflection, KIPP Poder students are prepared to successfully and confidently lead with courage, empathy and collaboration in their personal lives, community and beyond.

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