229 18th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
Type of school: Middle School
Grades served: 56
Another grade will be added next year
Year founded: 2015
Ms. Lisa Bonnifield, School Leader
School phone: 973-757-1500
School fax: 973-556-1664
School email:
Regional Organization: KIPP New Jersey
Results: Results will first appear in the 2016 Report Card, to be published in Spring, 2017.

At BOLD Academy we control our destiny. We deserve the best and will grab it, from curriculum and instruction of the highest caliber, leadership opportunities that instill confidence and responsibility, and strong relationships of unconditional love and respect. As the proud children of Newark, we will joyfully embrace our team and heritage as we broaden our horizons. As each BOLD student stands at the summit of the mountain through college, we will know that our accomplishments are no accident because fortune favors the BOLD.

The KIPP BOLD family will learn to BE BOLD. Our foundation of Bravery and Enthusiasm will set us up to Believe in ourselves and others, Own our learning and actions, Lead, and Drive to succeed and grow. Our motto “Audentes fortuna iuvat—Fortune favors the bold,” will push us to self-advocate, use our voices, and make and accept our choices.

KIPP BOLD’s instructional program will reflect our commitment to loving relationships, top-quality teaching, and student leadership. Our self-contained classrooms and looping advisories will facilitate bonding, our content teams and performance management system will facilitate great teaching, and our focus on ratio, relevance, and rigor and our intentional incorporation of student leadership opportunities will facilitate youth empowerment.

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