KIPP Austin Academy of Arts & Letters

8509 FM 969, Bldg. 619
Austin, TX 78724
Type of school: Middle School
Grades served: 58
Year founded: 2009
Ms. Jamie Heilingoetter, Principal
School phone: 512-501-3640
School fax: 512-501-3641
School email:
Regional Organization: KIPP Austin Public Schools

The students of KIPP Austin Academy of Arts & Letters demonstrate a love of learning, an appreciation of beauty and excellence, and citizenship in everything they endeavor. The students explore their personal expression through extensive curricula in the arts and present an independent art project in their eighth grade year. The students build unparalleled literacy skills through reading and writing across all contents, and they acquire knowledge and experience as they investigate critical thinking and project-based assessments. The students strive for success every day in all components of the curriculum.

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