KIPP School Summit (KSS) is the annual gathering of more than 3,000 members of the KIPP Team and Family. It's a time to connect, learn, and share amongst our colleagues and partners from across the country, all in the name of professional development. In 2013, there were 270 content sessions offered to attendees with high-quality presenters in all academic and functional content areas to help educators improve their craft and better serve our students.

KSS is also our opportunity to celebrate and thank our hard working teachers for all that they do throughout the year. The event also includes awards and recognition for our students, teachers, and supporters. See below for some of the highlights.

KIPP School Summit 2014 will take place July 28-July 31 in Houston, TX.

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Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade at KIPP School Summit


KIPP students on “Rising to the Challenge”

Matthew and Katelyn

“The mountain to college is tall, but we have the courage to climb it.”


“I am sure that my skin color, gender, ethnicity, and even my 4th grade teacher’s doubts, will not hold me back.”


“I soon realized that all those difficulties were simply a part of the journey, a hard journey but a beautiful one.”



“Every student has the right to be free from labels and have inner peace as they strive to climb the mountain to college and of life itself.”



“I went to KIPP, I climbed the mountain, and I graduated college.”



Award Winners

Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching

The Harriett Ball Excellence in Teaching Award, named after Dave Levin and Mike Feinberg's mentor, recognizes outstanding teachers from the KIPP network. The winning teachers, who were nominated by their school leaders, were recognized for their leadership in and dedication to improving outcomes for students in underserved communities.

Lisa Aguilar
KIPP Intrepid Preparatory School
Houston, TX

Alison Drake
KIPP Believe College Prep
New Orleans, LA

Angela Fascilla
KIPP Infinity Charter School
New York, NY

Emily Forde
KIPP DC: Promise Academy
Washington, DC

Jennifer Freeman
Atlanta, GA

Jane Grimes
KIPP Memphis Academy Middle School
Memphis, TN

Kelvin Harrison
KIPP McDonogh 15 Middle School
New Orleans, LA

Kellan McNulty
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, CA

Shauna Mulligan
KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate High School
Lynn, MA

Hoang Pham
KIPP Empower Academy
Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Sonnier
TEAM Academy Middle School
Newark, NJ


6-Year Principal

The KIPP Six awards, which are newly established this year, honor KIPP educators who have been school leaders for six or more years. The award recognizes the vital role that veteran school leaders play in changing the life trajectories of students from underserved communities.

Tracy McDaniel
KIPP Reach College Preparatory
12 years

Shawadeim Reagans
TEAM Academy
and Newark Collegiate Academy
8 years

Adam Meinig
KIPP Believe College Prep
7 years

Korbin Johnson
New Orleans West (NOW) 
and KIPP Central City Primary
7 years


Drew Martin
Rise Academy
7 years

Freddy Gonzalez
KIPP Austin College Prep
6 years

Kurt Pusch
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy
and KIPP Denver Collegiate High School
6 years

Jeremy Esposito
Freedom Academy Charter School
and KIPP Inspire Academy
6 years


Beyond Z Award

On Beyond Zebra, by Dr. Seuss, teaches young readers to go beyond what others previously thought possible. The Beyond Z award honors and celebrates members of the school community who go above and beyond for the benefit of children.

Dr. Angela Duckworth
Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania


Giving Tree Award

The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, is a tale of unconditional love and generosity. The award that bears its name represents KIPP’s gratitude for the generous and visionary support of our donors. 

Arthur Rock and Toni Rembe
KIPP National Investors



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