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What makes teaching at KIPP unique?

To and Through College - When choosing KIPP, students, parents, and staff members are asked to sign what is known as the Commitment to Excellence. In signing this contract, each person playing a role in an individual student's future makes a promise to do whatever it will take to see that student to and through college. By working together to achieve this common mission, we send more than 85% of KIPPsters to college, and we are working to make that figure even higher.

Innovation - There's no common national curriculum at KIPP: we encourage innovation and creativity in our schools and classrooms. To build those curriculums, KIPP teachers collaborate and share techniques with colleagues at their own schools and across the network through resources like KIPP Share, our online content-sharing platform.

More Time - Teachers have more time in the day to provide students with rich learning experiences, character instruction, and field lessons. At most KIPP schools, the school year culminates with high-quality experiential field lessons to places such as national parks, historically significant regions, and college campuses.

Teacher Celebration - We value our teachers as professionals, and we empower them to lead, collaborate, and constantly develop in their craft. We trust teachers with the power to lead and enable them to make decisions based on the best interests of their students. KIPP teachers can learn and share techniques with colleagues at their own schools and across the network.

Team and Family - At KIPP, our teachers are "on the same page." They hold high expectations for students, both academically and behaviorally. By making no excuses and taking no shortcuts, KIPP schools are successful because the adults in the building work together to build a strong and united school culture.

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