KIPP Careers

  • KIPP Teachers
  • With 183 schools in cities across the country, there are opportunities for both new and experienced teachers to join KIPP and help change the future of education in our nation.
  • KIPP School Leaders
  • KIPP school leaders are the backbone of any KIPP school. They are instructional leaders with a track-record of making an impact in their communities.
    The KIPP School Leadership Programs have two fellowships for opening a new KIPP school: a one-year Fisher Fellowship and a two-year Miles Family Fellowship.
  • KIPP Non-Instructional Jobs
  • The 183 KIPP schools and 30 KIPP regional organizations across the US recruit non-instructional personnel for a wide range of administrative, development, accounting, office and other support functions.
    For more information and current non-instructional openings, please visit this page on the full KIPP website:
  • KIPP Foundation Jobs
  • The KIPP Foundation, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC, supports the growth and sustainability of the national network with professional development for teachers, school leader training, advocacy, fundraising and other services.
    For more information and current KIPP Foundation openings, please visit this page on the full KIPP website:
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