The Dave Goldberg Scholarship Program

An annual scholarship to empower a new generation of diverse leaders. This program honors the remarkable life and legacy of Dave Goldberg by providing exceptional KIPP graduates with financial support and mentorship throughout college.

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About the Scholarship

Dave Goldberg Scholarship ProgramEach year, KIPP will partner with the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation to select 15 KIPP graduates to join the scholarship program as Goldberg Scholars.

Goldberg Scholars will receive:  

  • A stipend for critical expenses outside of tuition that are necessary for a successful college career
  • A Goldberg Mentor who will provide advice and ongoing support throughout the duration of the scholarship
  • Support from the Goldberg Connectors, a network of professionals who will help students secure summer internships and job opportunities
  • An invitation to attend a leadership day to build skills and connect with other Goldberg Scholars, mentors, and industry influencers

Ideal Candidates

Selected scholars should demonstrate the qualities Dave Goldberg exemplified throughout his life and work, including:

  • Independent Thinking / Entrepreneurial Spirit: Self-confidence to develop a point of view and challenge conventional wisdom; expressed interest in changing the status quo
  • Character: Strong personal character, kindness, and generosity
  • Resilience: Perseverance in the face of challenges
  • Leadership: Desire to lead and evidence of leadership skills
  • Achievement: A record of academic achievement – GPA of 3.0 or higher

How to Apply


Graduating KIPP seniors are invited to apply by February 16, 2018The application must include:

  • A resume
  • Academic records (inclusive of most recent transcript in senior year)
  • Two reference letters (including a KIPP teacher or KIPP Through College advisor)
  • A letter of interest that includes:
    • A description of your aspirations for your college experience and future career path
    • Two or three recent examples of when you have demonstrated one of the following qualities in your school, workplace and/or community: Independent thinking and/or Entrepreneurial Spirit, Character, Resilience, Leadership, Achievement


Goldberg Scholars will be selected and announced in April 2018.

About Dave Goldberg

Dave GoldbergDave Goldberg believed that everyone should have the opportunity to excel and that even one game-changing idea could make the world a better place.

For Dave, these core values – opportunity and entrepreneurship – came together in education. He was deeply grateful for the first-rate education he received growing up in the Minneapolis public schools, the Blake School, and Harvard University. And he was deeply concerned about how many people don’t have access to a great education. For Dave, education was a right, not a privilege. So when his college friend Richard Barth became CEO of KIPP, Dave wanted to help.

Dave admired KIPP for its entrepreneurial spirit – something he had in abundance. In 1994 – the early days of the internet, before broadband, mobile, Pandora or Spotify – Dave became convinced that people would discover and consume music via their computers. He quit his job at Capitol Records and started LAUNCH Media, a digital music media company, in his apartment. He was so ahead of the times (and broadband speeds) that he initially reached his subscribers by sending CD-ROMs in the mail. LAUNCHcast became one of the first personalized radio services and LAUNCHcast Unlimited was one of the first online streaming music services. In 2001, LAUNCH was purchased by Yahoo! and became Yahoo! Music.

In 2009, Dave became the CEO of SurveyMonkey, then a 14-person company. Guided by Dave’s passionate curiosity, the company turned its simple online survey tool into a global data platform that helps people and businesses get the information they need to bring their ideas to life. Under the leadership of Dave and his team, SurveyMonkey grew into a $2 billion company with more than 500 employees. To this day, Dave’s vision is an integral part of SurveyMonkey’s identity.

Dave was beloved by his colleagues, adored by his friends, and cherished by his family. He was a true mensch – warm-hearted, endlessly generous, hilarious, and brilliant. He lives on in the hearts of all who knew him.