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Leaders at KIPP schools across the country are working every day to ensure our students gain the knowledge, skills, and character they need to succeed in college and in life. As we grow, we have opportunities for leaders at every level who want to make an impact on the lives of students from underserved communities. Apply now >


KIPP School Leadership Programs

Continuous learning is one of KIPP’s core values and we believe there is always room to learn and get better at every level of your career. Since 2000, KIPP has been developing leaders through the KIPP School Leadership Programs (KSLP). As our schools and regions have grown over the past 16 years, so have our leadership development programs.

We have expanded and differentiated our offerings to meet the needs of all levels of the leadership pipeline – operations leaders, grade level chairs, assistant principals, founding school leaders, successor school leaders, and regional leaders.

We have also expanded the types of programs we offer – cohorts for leaders new to their roles, action learning projects (ALP) for groups of leaders wrestling with similar challenges, courses for continuous learning, retreats for sharing among our larger communities, and leadership coaching for individual growth.

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Leadership Development Programs

KIPP recruits aspiring school leaders to found and lead new KIPP schools after completing a Fisher or Miles Family Fellowship.



Fisher Fellowship: A year-long fellowship for individuals to found and lead new KIPP schools within existing KIPP regions. Open to internal and external applicants. Meet our current Fisher Fellows > 

Miles Family Fellowship: A year-long fellowship that prepares participants to lead a KIPP school in 18-24 months, as a founder or successor school leader. Open to internal and external applicants. Meet our current Miles Family Fellows > 

For more information on the fellowships and to apply, go to KIPP Fisher & Miles Family Fellowships.

KIPP schools provide opportunities for current KIPP teachers who are ready to transition from leading a classroom to leading across a grade level or school, to ensure the quality of education within a school over the long term.

Applicants must be nominated by their KIPP school or regional leader.

Teacher Leader: A program for KIPP teachers to develop the leadership skills and competencies needed to be successful in new roles such as grade level chair or department chair.

Leadership Team: A program for assistant principals new to their roles to develop the school-wide leadership and management skills needed to be effective members of the school leadership team.

Successor Prep: A program for leaders preparing to become the principal at an existing KIPP school.

Regional Leader Development: A program for KIPP regional leaders new to their roles to develop the leadership skills and competencies needed to be successful in their roles.

Programs for All Levels of Leadership

Math and Literacy Courses

We offer courses to support leaders and teachers in increasing math and literacy achievement with a focus on high-impact instructional practices and resources.

Leader Retreats and KIPP School Summit

We offer a number of differentiated retreats during the year to bring communities of leaders together to learn and share effective practices.


Individualized Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching for school and regional leaders to develop the transformational skills and talents necessary for the urgent work they do in service to our students.


Extending KIPP's Leadership Development Approach

Made possible by the federal i3 funding and matching partner grants beginning in 2012, KIPP offers the KIPP Leadership Design Fellowship (KLDF), which is an eight-month program designed for administrators of public school districts, charter school systems, and leadership training organizations to provide intensive, experiential, and collaborative training on KIPP’s school leader development model.

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