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KIPP was founded on the idea that great leaders create great schools, and that a great school can change the trajectory of a child’s life. At KIPP, we believe that an empowered and well-prepared leadership team attracts talented teachers, fosters their growth and development, and creates a culture of excellence for all.

New KIPP schools open each year to ensure even more students receive a world-class education. With this growth, a wide variety of leadership opportunities exist across the KIPP Team and Family.

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Development Programs For All Levels Of Leadership

Continuous learning is one of KIPP’s core values. We believe there is always room to improve at every level and stage of career development. KIPP fosters on-going growth and development through job-embedded coaching, school and region-wide professional development, and national leadership training through the KIPP School Leadership Programs (KSLP).

KSLP provides training and support for a wide range of KIPP leaders, including grade-level chairs, department chairs, assistant principals, founding school leaders, successor school leaders, and regional staff. To date, more than 2,000 leaders from KIPP regions and 200 leaders from organizations outside of KIPP have participated.

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  • What makes KIPP unique is that we help every single student achieve their full potential in a supportive environment.

    Carmen Curbelo, Assistant School Leader of Operations, KIPP Austin Public Schools
  • When families send two, three, four students to our school, that's one of the greatest compliments an educator can ever get. We've earned their trust.

    Allison Willis Holley, School Leader, KIPP NYC
  • How can I even begin to describe my sense of place or purpose at this school? This school... it's a part of me and I'm a part of it.

    Matthew Frank, School Leader, KIPP Austin Public Schools
  • Our first class graduated college last year. To see their faces, to see what "to and through" looks like when the promise is fulfilled...it's special.

    Pete Gooden, KIPP Through College Director, KIPP Chicago

Assistant Principals

Assistant Principals are often the glue of a school, engaging closely in the daily running of the school and relationship building with parents, teachers, and students. Assistant Principals execute the vision to ensure that every day is a great day for teachers and students.

Whether titled Dean, Assistant School Leader, Coach, or AP, the most successful Assistant Principals are highly effective instructional leaders who are ready to foster and support more student and adult relationships, while deepening learning and driving school culture.

Some Assistant Principals will fall in love with their jobs and wish to remain in the roles for a long time, while others will choose to use this as training ground for a School Leader role. In all cases, this role is crucial to our students’ and school communities’ success.

Operations Leaders

At KIPP, we believe that part of the Leader Team equation includes a senior, school-based Operations Leader who drives operational excellence and leads operations responsibilities so that the Principal, APs, and teachers can focus on teaching and learning.

We’ve seen a variety of candidate profiles succeed in this role — former teachers and grade-level chairs, operations leaders from Charter Management Organizations, people who completed Teach For America and then explored a different career path for a couple years, and individuals with only private sector experience.

Ideal candidates want to make a direct impact in the lives of students and teachers and thrive on building systems, leading teams, managing projects, and thinking through complex operational and logistical challenges.

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