Advice for Applicants

Think critically about your fit with roles and regions

  • Does this role fit with your previous experiences and future goals?
  • Do the details of the job (start date, title, hours, duties, location and salary) align with your expectations?
  • Have you researched the regions you are applying to and what makes them unique?

Prepare any materials you may need

  • Is your resume in a format that can easily be opened by others (PDF preferred)?
  • Have you appropriately named your cover letter, if you are applying to a non-instructional role (e.g. “First Name.Last Name.Cover Letter”).
  • Have you proofread your materials to ensure they are specific to the role and region to which you are applying?  
  • Do you have current and/or former supervisors prepared to serve as a reference?
  • Will you be able to provide examples of your work if asked to move forward in the interview process?

Considerations for the selection process

  • Each region will request different materials for your process; you may want to follow-up with the regions you have applied to about any specific materials they would request if you move forward (student work, teaching video, etc.)
  • Please keep in mind that while you may ask for feedback, not all of our regions provide feedback for applicants at all stages of the process.

All set? View all job openings and submit your application! 

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