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The KIPP network is comprised of 200 schools, 30 regional support offices, and the KIPP Foundation. KIPP is always seeking talented individuals to join us in a variety of roles, from classroom teachers and school leaders to functional positions such as Operations or IT.

To apply to work at KIPP, first browse the list of current openings across the KIPP network. When you find opportunities that match your interests, you can create a profile and submit your application through our national KIPP Careers system, which will transmit your application to the hiring organization listed in the job posting. All additional steps in the hiring process will be handled by the individual KIPP school or regional organization to which you apply.

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Fisher Fellowship and Miles Family Fellowship
Application Process

2017-18 Fellowship Application 

The second and final application deadline for the Fisher and Miles Family Fellowships is Friday, February 3, 2017. Apply Now >


Application Process Overview 

The application process for the Fisher and Miles Family Fellowships has multiple steps, outlined below.


Please note that the dates of the selection process may vary from the below if you are either a current KIPP employee, or if you are applying for a Fellowship with KIPP Houston, KIPP Indianapolis, or KIPP Nashville. If you are a current KIPP employee and you have questions about your next steps, please reach out to your regional point of contact. If you don't know who your point of contact is, please reach out to and include your school and region.  


1. Application: The application for the Fisher and Miles Family Fellowships includes two short essays, a professional bio, and submission of a resume and student achievement data. You will also be asked to include contact information for three professional references. Please note that your references will receive a request to complete a recommendation form for you upon submission of your application.


2. Phone Interview: Applicants who advance from the application stage will be invited to complete a 60 min phone interview with a member of the national or regional hiring team.


3. In-Person Regional Interview: Applicants who advance from the phone interview stage will be invited to a full-day in-person interview in their preferred region. Regional points of contact will reach out to advancing applicants to schedule an interview and arrange for travel (if necessary). Regional interviews will generally occur between February 17th and March 14th.


4. In-Person National Selection Event: The final stage in the application process is a three-day interview event in Houston, Texas from March 28th – 31st.

At all stages of the application process, applicants will be assessed against the KIPP Leadership Competencies. We encourage applicants to review these competencies prior to submitting their application. 

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