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KIPPsters are in demand! Keep checking this section of the site for internships, academic and professional development programs, and jobs in your desired industry or field. We'll keep updating opportunities as they become available for KIPP alumni.


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Alumni Leadership Fellows

The KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator is a career development fellowship for KIPP alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary achievement, drive, ambition, and leadership in their workplaces and communities. In the inaugural year of this program, the 14 selected fellows come from sectors ranging from academics to non-profit founders, from lawyers to doctors, from teachers to bankers.

Meet 2016 Alumni Leadership Fellows

  • One of the first things they told us was that we all had the potential to go to college. I knew they meant it.

    Lexi Johnson-Lee, Alumna, KIPP Minnesota
  • Because I received a quality education, I was prepared to graduate with honors and earn a full scholarship to Yale.

    Calvon Jones, Alumnus, KIPP ENC (Eastern North Carolina)
  • Without KIPP's help, I don't think I'd have had the confidence to do what I'm doing now. I wouldn't have thought it was possible.

    Dan Castillo, Alumnus, KIPP NYC
  • I have learned and grown more than I had ever thought I would at KIPP and want to continue that growth in college.

    Andrea Martinez, Alumna, KIPP Austin
KIPP NYC College Prep High School

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From coast to coast, KIPPsters have been making an impact on their college campuses. Check out what schools your fellow alumni are currently attending.

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