The KIPP Foundation

In 2000, Doris and Don Fisher in partnership with Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin, created the KIPP Foundation to grow the KIPP network by recruiting and training outstanding school leaders to open and operate KIPP schools. Since 1994, KIPP has grown from two teachers in a single classroom to more than 3,800 teachers serving nearly 70,000 students in 183 schools across the country. The KIPP Foundation, through its KIPP School Leadership Programs (KSLP), has trained more than 250 KIPP school leaders to open and/or operate locally-managed and locally-governed KIPP schools. Over time, KSLP has evolved to offer additional leadership development programs for those transitioning into other leadership roles within their school or region, such as grade-level chair, dean, assistant principal, successor school leader, chief academic officer, and executive director.

In addition to offering robust professional development for leaders, the KIPP Foundation is responsible for defining and evaluating school and regional performance, assessing the readiness of KIPP regions to expand, and facilitating the exchange of data and effective practices across the KIPP network.

KIPP schools are public charter schools that operate in accordance with a license agreement with the KIPP Foundation. Day-to-day operations are managed by KIPP local charter management organizations that hold the charter. The KIPP Foundation provides general management as well as specific operational support services.

Our Mission:

To create a respected, influential, and national network of public schools that are successful in helping students from educationally underserved communities develop the knowledge, skills, character and habits needed to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond.

Our Vision:

Our vision is that, one day, all public schools will help children develop the knowledge, skills, character, and habits necessary to achieve their dreams while making the world a better place.

Since our inception, KIPP has focused on helping students in underserved communities climb the mountain to and through college. With college graduates today earning twice the salary of high school graduates, obtaining a college degree has never mattered more. KIPP believes that K-12 public schools today are preparing far too few low-income and students of color for college and careers. Yet there is a prevailing assumption that children in underserved communities cannot achieve at high levels, and that schools cannot empower students with life-changing opportunities.

At KIPP, we are challenging this assumption in two ways: first, by transforming the lives of the students we serve in our growing network of schools; and second, by inspiring others to reconsider what is possible in public education.

As we continue to grow strategically and achieve density in our cities around the country, we hope to inspire others to consider the approach that has made KIPP successful.

Our Values:

Sense of Purpose. We are inspired to fulfill a mission larger than ourselves. We are a place for people who enjoy the roles we play in service to our schools and regions.

Results. We work hard to deliver supports and services that are truly valuable to our schools and regions and the kids they serve. We are resilient, persisting through obstacles and collaborating across teams in pursuit of solutions.

Respect. We appreciate all who are engaged in this challenging work and treat others as we would like to be treated.

Constant Learning and Humility. We seek out and expect regular, constructive feedback, keeping in mind the limitations of our own experiences. We recognize that compelling research, data, and personal experience offers us the opportunity to change our practices to best serve our children.

Diversity and Inclusivity. We are building an organization in which talented individuals from all walks of life and past work experiences can join our team and make significant contributions. We are particularly committed to attracting and developing individuals who share the life experiences or racial backgrounds of our students.

KIPP is committed to equal treatment for all individuals. KIPP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.
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