How We're Organized

KIPP Schools & Regions

Our schools are part of the free public school system and enrollment is open to all students. Our charter schools are given more academic and budgetary flexibility, and in exchange commit to deliver high-quality academic results for students.

Every KIPP school has an authorizer—a school board, university, or state department of education—that makes sure it’s living up to its promises.

KIPP schools don’t stand alone; they operate within regional networks. These KIPP regions provide many of the same services that a district would, including operations, data analysis, and alumni support (KIPP Through College). Each KIPP region is governed by a local Board of Directors and led by an Executive Director or Superintendent. 

The KIPP Foundation

The KIPP Foundation supports the KIPP network. We work to fuel the growth and impact of our schools by:

  • Recruiting and training outstanding educators to open and lead new KIPP schools
  • Providing professional development and resources to support excellent teaching
  • Supporting college counseling to increase the number of students graduating from college
  • Monitoring and ensuring the quality of KIPP schools

We partner with public schools, school districts, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, and others to share what we are learning, improve our own practices, and advocate for a great public school system.

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team and make their impact at KIPP. Interested in working at the KIPP Foundation? Find out more about what our teams do:

Supporting KIPP leaders, teachers, and staff:
  • Network Leadership Development: Provides leadership development and support for KIPP regional leaders, school leaders, and board chairs.
  • KIPP School Leadership Program (KSLP): Trains and develops current KIPP educators in preparation for their next leadership role.
  • Teaching and Learning Labs: Designs, curates, and delivers resources, tools, and professional development to support excellent teaching in KIPP schools. 
  • KIPP Through College (KTC): Works with the KIPP network to provide comprehensive support for students and families all the way to college graduation, and drives national strategies to help more first-generation students earn degrees. 
  • Knowledge Sharing: Cultivates communities and drives the curation, delivery, and adoption of knowledge and resources to replicate proven practices across the KIPP network of schools.
Ensuring smart growth and great results:
  • Network Growth and Sustainability: Supports KIPP’s national talent and expansion strategy, ensuring that KIPP sites are well-positioned to open and sustain schools in their communities.  
  • Strategy: Drives KIPP’s long-term vision and strategic planning, partnering with other teams to address strategic questions and make recommendations to the KIPP Foundation Leadership Team and/or Board of Directors.
  • Research & Evaluation: Supports the collection, analysis, presentation, and application of high-quality data around KIPP schools, teachers, school leaders, and regions.
Broadening our impact:
  • Government Affairs: Develops and executes KIPP’s government strategy and outreach, working with KIPP regions, fellow charter schools, and the broader education movement to effect change in support of public schools.
  • Marketing: Works to share KIPP’s inspiring story across a variety of communications media, and works with KIPP regions to maintain a strong national KIPP brand.
  • Development: Raises funds from donors—including foundations, corporations, and individuals—to support KIPP’s mission.
  • Talent: Ensures the KIPP Foundation is a great place to work by recruiting, onboarding, developing and retaining our staff. 
Keeping us connected and operational:  
  • Information Technology: Oversees technology needs for the KIPP Foundation, and supports technology solutions to help the KIPP network share ideas and resources, track performance, and leverage data.
  • Finance: Oversees all accounting and finance transactions for the KIPP Foundation, and works to ensure the organization’s fiscal health.


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KIPP is committed to equal treatment for all individuals. KIPP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.
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